Here we have collected a number of our mentions in the local press. We've won a number of prizes and have been praised by a bunch of publications and we hope by reading one or two you may be persuaded to stop in and form your own opinion of our restaurant. Please click the links below and we hope to see you soon!

Catering Services Milford, CT

Connecticut Magazine Expert’s Picks Best Italian 2015

...dining at the best places is an art that takes constantly having a collective finger on the pulse of the Connecticut dining scene. Together, our Readers’ Choice and Experts’ Picks provide a comprehensive view of the state’s tastiest places to eat well...Read More

Catering Services Stratford, CT

Raising The Bar

Bar dining — and by that we mean dining at the bar counter of a nice restaurant, not dining in a bar — is surging in popularity. For so many years, restaurant goers nursed drinks at the bar while they waited for their tables to become available. Nowadays...Read More

Catering Services Orange, CT

Bin 100, Milford

Italy and Spain both border the Mediterranean and cook with many of the same ingredients but their cuisines differ, sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically, and it’s fun to find them under one roof as we do at Bin 100...Read More

Italian Restaurant Milford, CT

Readers' Choice: Best Restaurants 2012

Best Hidden Gem

Statewide Runner-up: Bin 100, Milford

New Haven County Winner: Bin 100, Milford

...Read More

Italian Restaurant Orange, CT

Bin 100 in Milford’s Gorgeous Food Plus Grupo Bodegas Olarra’s Stunning Wines Are A Perfect Marriage

The argument could be made that Bin 100 in Milford, Mediterranean restaurant with an emphasis on Italian and Spanish fare, is the best restaurant between New Haven and Fairfield...Read More

Italian Restaurant Stratford, CT

CT Now Best of New Haven 2015 Milford Local Favorites Best Restaurant

Voted Milford's Best Local Restaurant by the CTNOW 2015 Reader's Poll ... Read More

Catering Services Milford, CT

Odd Name, Top-Notch Service

The service is top notch, both personable and attentive. Specials are relayed with care, and napkins are returned, folded, to the table when you leave your seat. The food, however, is uneven. The best dishes are the simplest, and those can be quite lovely...Read More

Catering Services Stratford, CT

Bin 100 Fixed-Price Menu Winning

I thought I saw your eyes light up when you saw the menu. We were going to try something different and just order a table full of appetizers, but this changed our minds...Read More 

Catering Services Orange, CT

'Cooked bread' -- West Haven baker wants to make pane cotto just like Bin 100 in Milford 

...Could you please print the recipe for baked escarole and beans a la Bin 100 in Milford? We have always made "scadol and beans" the way my mother and her mother made it, on top of the stove, but since we tasted it baked, we have been trying to replicate it -- to no avail...Read More

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